Borium horseshoes from The Blacksmith Shop are all about guaranteed traction!  When borium has been properly applied, shoes can be shaped as needed without risk of it falling off. As is shown in the images above, heating the shoes to a dull red is not a problem, and will allow for easier shaping as well as hot-setting. Excessive heating of the portion of shoes that have borium should be avoided, for that could loosen it. However, a very high heat will have no effect on the tube rod.

Shaping can also be done cold, and no amount of hammering will dislodge properly applied borium of either type. When shaping and flattening shoes that have borium, an old hammer should be used, for the carbide particles will quickly ruin a good one. Consequently it will also mar the anvil, so position the shoe carefully so that your anvil’s face will be protected. Old hammers are more easily replaced than anvils.

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